Frequently asked questions

How to add a product?
You can add and edit your product in your dashboard. Make sure you read these tips on how to make a winning product. After you save the product our team will review and notify you once it is online.
How can I edit my products?
You can edit your product in your dashboard. Please be aware that when you update a product, your product will be offline until our team has reviewed the changes.
How do I give a customer discount?
You can give customers discounts using coupons or discount vouchers. Go to the coupon section in your dashboard.
How do I change my store page?
You can change your store page banner, profile picture, bio text, youtube video, and social handles in the dashboard settings tab.
How can I change my availability?
Currently it is not yet possible to change your availability in the dashboard yourself. We are working hard to create a versatile availability calendar where you can easily update your availability yourself. If you want to change your availability, please describe your requirements in an email to [email protected]. We will change it asap. Usually within a few hours, or sooner if possible.
When do I get my earnings?
Strivie holds your earnings for 14 days after the date of booking. We work with Stripe, one of the biggest and most trusted payment providers in the world. If you connect your account with Stripe in the payment section of the Dashboard, your earnings will be automatically transferred to your bank account. If you’re not able to get a stripe account, you can make a separate payment request by sending an email to [email protected].
What is the Strivie commission fee
Strivie charges a commission to sellers that sell their products on the platform. This commission includes transaction, re-marketing, operational and administrative costs. Currently the platform is in a start-up/testing phase. Therefore the commission fee is set at a reduced rate of 5%. Following the end of the start-up/testing phase the commission will be increased to up to 15%. Users will be clearly notified of such changes and the final commission fee will always be determined in consultation with the user. Strivie Ambassadors may use the platform for free. If you're interested in becoming a Strivie Ambassador please send a request to [email protected]  
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