Progression for everyone by anyone

Strivie is an online marketplace, we make progression accessible to everyone, everywhere. Enthusiastic people who want to learn from scratch or improve their skills can easily book professionals, experts or instructors who are at top of their game. Browse through our index of experts and make your wildest dream a reality!

Do you give clinics, coaching, Masterclasses, lessons?

Stop using phrases like "DM me for bookings"!

With strivie you can easily make yourself bookable online. No need to worry about hosting your own website. Register with strivie and add your clinics, masterclasses, private coaching lessons or whatever you can think of. Your students easily and securely book through your strivie account. 

How it works


Register as a pro

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Create a product

Provide us with some epic pictures and text so we can create a killer page for your bookable products. Add a product via your personal dashboard.


Start selling

Drive your social media traffic to your product page and start selling those spots fast and easy! 

Your benefits

Convert to sales

Even if it’s after hours, your product page is always available to your clients. People can check your free slots and book. No more unnecessary communication. Start converting your followers to customers!

Client/Calendar management

Easily keep track of the amount of available spots in your events. Reduce the chance of double bookings. Keep key client details at your fingertips

Content optimization

Our listing experts will make sure the content of your products are fully optimized. 

Secured booking system

Take safe online payments to make checkouts faster and easier than ever. Introduce a cancellation policy and fees to discourage no-shows.

Management dashboard

Discover the money-makers of your business with a single view in your personal dashboard. Generate reports on booking and commissions.

Dedicated account manager

You take care of your clients, we take care of your admin. 

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